Updates from the Sewing Room.

I would like to thank all my new customers who have trusted their sewing alterations to my care.

This week is very busy again (thank you) but just to let you know the sewing room will be closed on Thursday and Friday due to more electrical works and visitors from where I used to live, who are going to sample this great area for the first time.

Please take a few moments to sort through your clothes for the coming season to check if they still fit!

Do you have curtains that need shortening or maybe you have some material you wish to have made into curtains or clothing, perhaps you have collected something from the charity shop that needs a tweak! I am always happy to discuss ideas.

You may have noticed the change of name to Bower Hinton Sewing which I am gradually introducing, I will, however, still retain Make Do and Mend-It as an alternative.

I can be contacted by email: storm@makedoandmend-it.co.uk, or storm@bowerhintonsewing.co.ukĀ  by phone: 07865 735 649 or through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bowerhintonsewing